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Social Care Services in Arizona

Social Care is an important topic that is often neglected by older individuals. Relationships are the primary way we stay connected to life. As our support system naturally shrinks throughout life, it is important to stay proactive and constantly replenish those relationships. Simply Compassion understands this and provides ways for your loved one to stay engaged. 

Social Care

As seniors age, they may find it difficult to get involved in social interactions when they live alone. They may find themselves feeling isolated or sad. For this reason, Simply Compassion works diligently to identify seniors in need of socialization. Research shows that social interaction is an integral part of mental wellness regardless of age. Seniors who engage in regular social activities and interactions have better emotional and mental health outcomes. Isolation and loneliness can impact a person’s overall well-being. At Simply Compassion, we take a holistic approach to our in-home care for seniors and address their mental, physical and emotional needs. 

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Preventing Social Isolation

One factor that may contribute to isolation in older age is a lack of transportation. Losing the ability to drive can be devastating for some individuals. They may not be able to visit friends and family or participate in social activities as frequently. Simply Compassion’s caregivers can assist by transporting seniors to allow them greater freedom while staying safe.

 In addition, some older individuals feel isolated after the loss of a spouse or friend. Our caregivers can help provide resources and support to guide clients through this difficult time. Continuing to participate in hobbies and activities are important to our identity as humans.
Seniors often lose touch with their social and recreational activities if they are left on their own. Based on our person-centered approach and individualized care plan, our team works with your loved one to find adaptations and ways to remain involved in the community. In turn, your loved one will feel supported and experience a better quality of life.

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Encouraging Social Interaction

Older individuals have many tools and resources at their disposal to help them combat isolation. Often, they simply need encouragement or a helping hand to get started. Simply Compassion can help get your loved one involved in the things they enjoy. Some examples include:

Simply Compassion Social Care Support

These are just a few of the many ways Simply Compassion’s caregivers work to help combat isolation and depression in seniors. Our highly skilled and trained staff pay close attention to the signs of isolation and loneliness in seniors. If we notice your loved one feeling isolated, we’ll step in with support to help encourage positive social interactions.

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