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Companion Care Services in Arizona

Bringing a new caregiver into the home is a difficult but often necessary decision for families to make. Families often wonder how they will find someone to be a true companion to their loved one. At Simply Compassion, we understand the anxiety associated with this process and are here to help every step of the way. Our caregivers a reliable, trustworthy and compassionate in all that they do. Call today to find out why so many seniors trust Simply Compassion home care. 

Companion Care

Simply Compassion offers reliable companion care services to help seniors live a truly fulfulling lives. In addition to assistance with personal caregiving, companion care focuses on providing an enhanced quality of life for seniors. For seniors who live alone, feelings of isolation are a constant challenge. As seniors age, many find they no longer have the same robust social network to rely on. In addition, widows or widowers may find themselves adjusting to living alone.

We offer companion care to help combat the loneliness many seniors feel. Our in-home caregivers are here to help! We offer help with daily tasks and errands, but also provide a comfortable environment to combat social isolation. We start by creating a care plan that focuses on the hobbies and interests of the client. Choosing our companion care service allows seniors to age in place where they’re most comfortable.

Research shows that social interaction is an important part of development for humans of any age range. Seniors who engage in regular social activities and interactions consistently have better emotional and mental health outcomes. Isolation and loneliness can impact a person’s overall well-being. At Simply Compassion, we always take a holistic approach to our in-home care for seniors. 

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Companion Care vs. Personal Care

At Simply Compassion, we offer both companion care and personal care. Often, these two services are both required, however, they refer to seperate services. When selecting care for a senior, it can be helpful to understand the difference between these services.

Personal care involves help with the activities needed for basic care. For example, this includes help bathing or getting dressed. Personal care services do not include medical assistance. They can, however, help a senior with their daily functioning. Many seniors can bathe and dress but require a helping hand. That’s where Simply Compassion’s in-home care services come in.

Companion care focuses more on helping seniors with social activities and daily household tasks. These are not related to personal care. Rather, they may include things like helping with grocery shopping or doing laundry. Companion care also helps support the social needs of your loved one, by helping to combat isolation.

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How We Can Help

Regular social conversation and connection can make a huge impact on improving the quality of life for your loved one. We all need personal connections to combat isolation. Our companion care offers your loved one the opportunity to stay engaged with society and form meaningful bonds. Through regular visits, we provide the much-needed companionship and social interaction that we all deserve.

Companion care can also help keep seniors involved in their favorite activities. Recreation and hobbies give seniors a sense of belonging and accomplishment. Simply Compassion’s in-home companion care offers assistance with hobbies. Whether it’s playing a board game or taking a senior to the library, we support seniors in pursuing the things that bring them the greatest joy in life.

Get Started with Simply Compassion Companion Care

If you or a loved one needs companionship and assistance, we can help! Our compassionate in-home caregivers can help foster a sense of connection. Whether it’s a simple conversation or getting involved in your favorite hobbies, we help meet the social needs of aging adults. Getting started with our Companion Care service is easy. We provide free consultations to help develop a plan to best meet our client’s needs. 

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