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Personal Care Services in Arizona

Bringing a new caregiver into the home is often a difficult decision that family members must make to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their loved ones. Receiving personal care services can be intimidating at first, but can also bring a sigh of relieve. Our caregivers can assist with bathing, personal hygiene and getting dressed in the morning. Call today to find out more about how Simply Compassion can help you with personal care services. 

Personal Care

Many seniors wish to remain living independently as they age. However, as they age, they may find it difficult to perform daily activities involving personal care. Simply Compassion is here to assist with all your personal care needs. 

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Barriers to Personal Care

Personal care involves simple daily tasks, such as bathing, brushing teeth, changing into fresh clothes, and more. Seniors are at an increased risk of falls when performing these activities. Often, seniors find it hard to admit that they may need help with personal care. They may feel a loss of independence or dignity. Others may deny that they have issues maintaining their hygiene. Some seniors feel uncomfortable with a family member helping them dress or take a bath. Our trained caregivers can be there to assist while still maintaining a personal sense of dignity.  

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Services for Personal Care

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Personal Hygiene Supports Good Health

It’s important to maintain good hygiene throughout our lives. Good hygiene can help a person feel happy, confident and empowered. Our personal hygiene also has a dramatic impact on our overall mental health. Allow our caregivers to help your loved one keep up with the demands of personal hygiene so they can look and feel how they should.  

Look Good, Feel Good

At Simply Compassion, we provide non-medical personal care services to help seniors look and feel their best. For seniors who do not want help from a family member, we offer a solution that meets everyone’s needs. We believe in a “look good, feel good” approach. This means we help seniors dress, bathe, and get ready with assistance. We focus on allowing the seniors we serve to maintain as much independence as possible, only helping and assisting them when needed. We choose to focus on and highlight what seniors can do, rather than what they cannot do. If a senior in your life needs help with personal care, reach out to Simply Compassion today.

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