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The Importance Of Companionship For Seniors And How Home Care Can Help

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These are the positive aspects every senior needs to feel and what makes home care a better option than relocating.

The population of people 85 years of age and older in 2011 was 5.7 million. That number is expected to triple to 14.1 million by 2040. Right now, many seniors in the U.S. are either at home alone for most of the day or live alone. The time seniors spend alone easily results in depression, loneliness, or isolation. All of those results are known to negatively impact mental and physical health.

That is not to say that freedom and independence are not essential. Those are positive aspects every senior needs to feel and what makes home care a better option than relocating to an assisted living facility or nursing home. What should always be considered in keeping independence and freedom, is companionship. Companion care is a part of home care that offers seniors the advantages of genuine friendship and helpful care.

Companionship Is Important in Aiding Recovery

Recovering at home after hospitalization is important for seniors. Home care helps by providing companions to simplify the recovery process so seniors heal faster. Companionship is all about aiding with simple exercises, physical therapy, and going for walks. Having a friendly companion puts a positive spin on the recovery process.

Social Connections Increase Lifespans

Social connections have a positive influence on the overall well-being, physical health, and mental health of seniors. Being in touch with others in a companionship capacity increases lifespans. Social connections help prevent dementia through mental stimulation from puzzles and games. Light physical activities are also known to prevent conditions like heart disease.

Seniors Need a Sense of Purpose

Retirement isn’t always what it seems. Seniors may feel like they are not contributing to society or leading a meaningful life when they are at home alone. A companion is a presence that gives seniors purpose. They plan activities and enhance healthy, mental stimulation.

Gain Peace of Mind

A loss of mobility or physical strength tends to happen with aging. There may be worries over medical emergencies or falls for seniors who live alone. Thankfully, companionship gives peace of mind. Families of seniors will know someone is checking on their loved ones so they stay safe all of the time.

Find a reliable companion through customized care services for seniors. Loved ones are assured they get the stimulation and care needed while maintaining healthy social connections. Schedule a consultation with a senior care center to learn more about home care services.

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