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Home Care As Preventative Care

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Preventative care includes care that seeks a path to improved health before problems arise. While preventative care is beneficial for people of any age, seniors especially can benefit from preventative care. Staying proactive can help you address potential concerns before they manifest.


Home care for a senior can be one effective way component of preventative health care. Home care can prevent injury and mitigate complications from chronic illnesses, major recoveries, or a sedentary lifestyle. This could improve long-term outcomes and reduce costly doctor visits. Not to mention, using home care as preventative care could lead to a greater quality of life for your loved one.


How Can Home Care be Used Preventatively?


Home care serves as a form of preventative care through:


1. Injury Prevention


A home care worker can help your senior loved one avoid falls and other injury risks. These types of accidents can cause long-term complications in the health of aging seniors. In seniors, injuries such as sprains or broken bones take much longer to heal and the effects are felt in a greater capacity. It can also cause a financial burden when trying to pay for care associated with injuries.

Therefore,  it is important to take time to put things in place to avoid injuries. This includes ensuring clear hallways and rooms, adequate lighting, and proper footwear. A Simply Compassion in-home care worker can help seniors prevent avoidable injuries both inside and outside of the home.


2. Chronic Disease Management


A home care worker can also help your senior loved one manage chronic diseases, such as Diabetes or COPD. Chronic diseases require ongoing attention to prevent them from worsening. With appropriate management, these diseases are less likely to cause complications and can be controlled for a better lifestyle.

Many elderly people struggle to manage their chronic conditions. It can often be too much and become exhausting or overwhelming.

Chronic diseases that are not properly managed can result in hospital stays and deterioration of health. Thus, hiring a home care worker can help your loved one to better manage their chronic disease. This can be done by helping them monitor medication and make sure they’re following their physician’s recommendations.


3. Diet Management


Home care workers can help your senior loved one eat regularly with a balanced diet. A well-rounded diet includes fresh food with real protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Often, elderly persons need assistance with meal planning and preparation.


This is something a home care worker can assist with! By managing nutrition, your loved one can thrive and improve their overall health. Good nutrition is important to providing energy, aiding in recovery, and helping to prevent illnesses through a strengthened immune system.


4. Activity Management


Exercise and regular activity are vital to maintaining health. A home care worker can make sure that your senior loved one has an active lifestyle and isn’t sedentary. For elderly persons with physical limitations, such as back or neck pain, participating in daily activities can be tough.


Hiring a home care worker can help encourage your loved one to participate in more regular physical activity. A home worker can provide supervision for exercises to ensure your loved one is safe. Furthermore, they can help them stick to and encourage them to participate in a regular exercise program.


5. Provide Support and Companionship


Many people fail to realize the strong relationship between emotional or mental health and physical health. Feelings of isolation or loneliness may prevent seniors from taking the necessary steps to maintain their health.


Hiring an in-home care worker may help provide companionship for your loved one. This acts as a preventative measure to help support their emotional and mental well-being.


6. Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy


A home care worker can play a vital role in preventative care for your loved one. From managing their medications and diseases to encouraging physical activity, seniors can benefit from preventative care from their home care workers.

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