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Creating Environments That Revolutionize Aging

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Senior residential communities come in all stripes, and all of them try to create an environment where residents have access to activities and care depending on their needs. How can you create an environment that allows seniors to live in their homes with the same benefits?

IoT and Telehealth

There’s a lot of buzz about the Internet of Things in health care and telehealth. Both of these technological tools allow seniors to more easily age in place. Smart devices can monitor vitals and blood sugar levels, transmit data to care teams, and alert patients of when they need to take insulin or other interventions. Telehealth allows patients, especially those in rural areas, to consult with doctors and nurses without having to travel to a distant health facility.

Safety for Aging in Place

Fall prevention ranks high when it comes to retrofitting a home for aging owners. Installing higher toilets and handles in the bathroom, removing throw rugs that might slip, and proper lighting all prevent falls that could be life-changing.

Smart Lighting for Safety and Health

Smart lighting with motion sensing capability eliminates the need to feel around in the dark for a light switch. Additionally, modern lights can change their color temperature throughout the day to promote healthy sleep schedules.

Accessibility and Comfort

Activities of daily living include tasks around every room of the house. You can make ADL easier by reorganizing the kitchen so that items are easier to reach, choosing furniture that’s easy to get on and off of, and placing laundry machines close to the bedroom. Hiring a home care worker to assist with ADL can help you stick to a manageable routine.

Aging in place can save money, reduce stress, and increase quality of life, even for adults with some physical or cognitive limitations. Learn more about what home care workers can do for those who choose to retain independence at home.

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