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5 Signs That Show You Need To Consider Senior Home Care Services

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The American population is gradually aging, with the average life expectancy doubling over the last century. The Population Reference Bureau estimates there will be 95 million citizens above 65 by the year 2040.

A nationwide survey by the AARP shows that 90% of seniors prefer to age in place. They get to maintain their independence while spending their last years in a familiar environment. While your loved one might enjoy the freedom for a while, a time will come when they require additional help. How do you decide it’s now time for senior home care services?

Here are some tips to help you or a loved one know if they need in home care service.

1. Poor Nutrition

You need to take note of your loved one’s diet. Has your grandma lost her interest in cooking? Are they skipping regular meals? A drastic weight loss change should be an indication that all is not well. While appetite and metabolism changes as people age, your loved one still requires the vital nutrients to stay strong and healthy. Senior home care services can provide a caretaker that prepares their meals and helps restock the refrigerator.

2. Unhygienic Standards

Most seniors will fall behind on daily tasks and chores, especially if they experience mobility issues. If you notice that their once tidy home is now untidy when you pop in, it is a sign for you to get extra help. With expected mobility limitations and cognitive decline, older adults may find household chores and personal hygiene challenging or unsafe for them. In home elderly care can eliminate the headaches and stress around housekeeping, ensuring your loved one is safe and healthy.

3. Trouble Driving

The hallmark of independence for most people is learning how to drive. However, age-related conditions may make it hard for your loved one to drive safely. As such, recommending senior home care services can help keep them safe. The caregiver can drive them to their appointment and other social gatherings.

4. Recovering From an Illness

The National Council on Aging says that 80% of seniors suffer from at least one chronic disease, while 68% have two or more. You might need extra support to nurse your loved one at home after coming home from the hospital. The caregiver from senior home care services can prepare their meals, do their house chores, and remind them to take their medicine on time.

5. Social Isolation

Loss of interest in activities they previously enjoyed is a huge sign that it is time to intervene. A paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows seniors experiencing solitude and isolation are at a higher risk of mortality than their social peers. Loneliness and withdrawal also increase the risk of depression tendencies and dementia. Elderly care services can provide companionship and emotional support through a caregiver, allowing your loved one to socialize.

Nearly all seniors prefer to age from the comfort of their homes. Knowing when to bring in a caregiver’s help is vital in keeping them comfortable and safe as they age-in-place. AZ Best Home Care provides round the clock senior home care services allowing your parent to age gracefully in a familiar setting.

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